Guest Commentary: Alameda DA Candidate Pamela Price Blasts SCOTUS Rulings

Pamela Price speaks this past weekend at the Oscar Grant Day Rally to celebrate the life of Grant who was gunned down by BART Police – Courtesy Photo

By Pamela Price

The Supreme Court conservative majority advanced its assault on civil rights and all the reform and progress we have achieved over the last few decades. In a far-reaching 6-3 ruling on New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Bruen, penned by Justice Clarence Thomas – the court struck a devastating blow to our fight to end gun violence in our communities. Justice Thomas’ decision undermines laws which prohibit the presence of guns in public spaces.

Our permitting laws here in California will now be challenged. Justice Thomas’ ruling creates a powder keg that will most certainly increase gun violence. It will certainly increase the number of guns on the streets of Alameda County. As a candidate with the Moms Demand Action Gun Sense distinction in my run for District Attorney, I will proudly fight to end gun violence even in the face of a Supreme Court set on expanding access to guns.

We will build a DA’s office that commits time and resources to dial back on easy access to illegal guns and the threat of guns in public spaces.

This ruling was one of many this week that will change the landscape of justice and public safety across the country. In another 6-3 ruling, the Supreme Court ruled that law enforcement officers can’t be sued when they violate our constitutional rights by failing to provide Miranda rights before questioning us. The Supreme Court made police accountability even more difficult to attain in the civil system. The checks and balances of our civil rights are disappearing before our eyes because of this ruling. It is a call to action for progressive District Attorneys to hold law enforcement accountable in the criminal justice system.

With the highly anticipated ruling by the Supreme Court on a woman’s reproductive rights, we know that the fight to keep our protections in California will need to be led and fortified with a DA who holds steadfast to her progressive values and ideals.

Make no mistake, elected officials and appointed judges like Clarence Thomas have a lasting impact on our rights and relationships. This November, the voters of Alameda County are presented with such a choice for District Attorney. We can choose a person who has no idea about how to protect our civil rights and has no roots or investment in our community. Or we can elect a seasoned civil rights attorney – someone who has been in the trenches in Alameda County for decades fighting for justice and creating change for the greater good.

Trust me – as we are reminded today – there is a clear difference between Clarence Thomas and Thurgood Marshall. I will be the “Thurgood Marshall of Justice” for Alameda County

Pamela Price is a Civil Rights Attorney and candidate for DA in Alameda County

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