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By Arnold Joyner

I constantly wonder what they see, especially when they look at Me. I’m surely not their enemy, yet, they’re still targeting the likes of You and Me. Could it really be, this is what they’re trained to see? People of Color as Their Enemy. It’s fascinating, What They See, while intentionally ignoring Love and Unity.

The average American focus is on Money, yes Surviving. We all see America’s Greed. We all would like too also succeed, but Destiny has been based on what They see. Truly, They don’t see all Americans equally or the power of White Racism wouldn’t be sooooo effective.

If They could see what we see, we could possibly convince them to join our American Team. The Red, White, and Blue Esteem. We’re the ones developed from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream. Whereas, all Americans can be Redeemed.

When we look back, America’s Past is Evil, no matter how They try to make it seem. We live in shame, agony and arrogance. Pretending one group is far more superior than [another] could be. It seems that they themselves are what they see. Are the rest of “US” insignificant?

That is, until it’s time to vote for someone’s candidacy. Could it be, The Government’s Power is what they see. It’s been used to keep control over the likes of you and me. They surely use it indiscriminately. They spend billions of dollars on projects that are self-serving.

The Poor of America, it seems, they can’t see. It’s a distorted reality, done to “US” Intentionally. You would want to believe, after two & a half Centuries, we would all be able and willing to see all Americans collectively. Under Liberty, inside this Democracy, or is this concept mere Fallacy, and we will never be able to really see?

I have a Hope and Dream, no matter what they see. It won’t affect Me! I’m invaluable and Godly. I’m what they don’t want me to be. Intelligently, Serene and Free from all their negativity. People turn on your high beams and use all your steam, and remember, it’s a Live-Stream. Trust & Believe, forget what they see. What do you see, in this Blessed Land of Liberty?

What I see is very different from what society is supposed to be. Surely, being a Patriot hasn’t worked for me, because no love is coming back from the powers that be. To them, the majority of “US” are a menace to their society.

It hasn’t mattered “IF” citizens are acting criminally, it’s just we’re a threat to them, and that’s what I see. When asked “why?” Answer—oh that’s just how it be, you know, people grow up very differently.

I learned perception is reality. What I see, you may not see, yet, who we be, I thought would supersede all our negativity. We’re all American as can be, but full equality isn’t what I see. I see Hatred, Envy and Greed. This is what has taken the lead.

For years now, poor people have begged and pleaded, only to be kept at the bottom of society. Having never received love or support fraternally. We’re mocked, shamed and ridiculed for not knowing how to succeed.

Generational Traditions in America is what I see. When will we address our wrongs of American history? Far too long, the lies have interceded. Then perception dictates seeing is believing. We’re actually being deceived!

What I See is unity, built on a foundation of Our American Family. Not all will agree with what I See, just like all hasn’t agreed with our past society. Some will continue resisting, we must continue persisting.

A more perfect union has yet to be. I strive tirelessly, to manifest new concepts for what I see. We’ve had an internally and an eternally violent deceptive society. It was built from hatred, envy and greed!

It’s designed for certain kinds of people to succeed. This is the year 2023, and division in America is as far as the eye can see. What I see, is God being removed intentionally from our society. Politically, religiously & CONTROVERSIALLY.

People use Freedom of Speech, as they outlaw Law & Order inside our democracy. However, the Majority isn’t protected by The United States Constitution nor its creed. We are subservient indeed. Just a glimpse of what I see.

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