Guest Commentary: Be a Climate Upstander – Join Friday’s Climate March

By Alan Hirsch

We are now in a (not so slow moving) crisis of civilization brought on by climate change.  It trumps all other issues as the earth is the stage all other human endeavors play out on.  Marches, protest gatherings for other issues will fall by the wayside due to heat waves, brown outs, hurricanes, wildfires and smoke. Even the infrastructures that support the food security, housing construction and access to health care is threatened.

It also clear many good people—even in Davis—are in denial of the crisis: not in their words but their actions, that signal climate change is a secondary consideration in their decisions.

Planet Upstander gently questions all these nice people—friends and local politicians—who mouth words and even pass crisis resolutions, but continue to do the same old things that are killing our planet. Elected bodies in Yolo County and California are filled with business democrats—the Herbert Hoovers of our era, when we need FDRs and a Green New Deal.

Consider the case of a Davis Democratic Party leader who proudly posted to her hundreds of Facebook friends she flew to Antarctica and from there took a cruise.   Upstander might post the gentle question: “Did you buy carbon offsets?”  Or a friend or family member who admires a low MPG car? You could raise a concern for them, question them about the cost of gasoline (and BTW GHG) due to low mileage?  Or at least roll your eyes.  Or how do to you respond to friend who drives to school to when it is only 1 mile from their home? You might ask what type of bike they own?

The Davis Climate March-part of the international climate strike movement—a chance to show you are one of the growing number of Upstanders for the Planet. It includes a march this weekend in Sacramento and SF if you can’t make the Davis event.

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Please join me in Davis for the march:

When: Friday September 15 End the Fossil Fuel Era, Davis Fridays for Future March and Rally.

Where: Gather at 14th and B at 12:00 noon in front of Veterans Memorial for March to Central Park (12: 35).

What: March from VMC to Central Park, and hear speakers and how you can register your support for End the Fossil Fuel Era.  At about 1:30 there will be group mural painting.

Find Support for the Next Step Actions: This is a social event, not a show and tell. You can link up with like-minded people to continue the work on an planet upstander. Reach out to stranger or acquaintances to own support/activist pot, or link up with larger groups like the youth Sunrise Movement and the Sierra Club or The Third Act group for the 60+ crowd to “pay forward” in fighting for a livable planet for young people.

Bring a sign, wear a button, bring a flag.

What happens next is up to you.

See you there!

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